With the world's journalists still picking over the remains of the Mossack Fonseca and Panama Papers email server breach, the question of how the data was exfiltrated remains largely unanswered.  

One theory being mooted is the company's website was running un-patched Wordpress plugins, such as Revolution Slider, which the hacker used to access the company's mail server, which happened to be on the same network as the website IP.

If true this is worrying. Some attribute 25% of the world's websites as using Wordpress - with 50,000 added daily. 

At the Palo Alto Ignite Conference last week the Director of the CSI TV series Anthony Zuiker regaled the audience with an anecdote from when he met a senior US official in researching for the TV show. 

When Zuilker asked whether there was a message they wanted CSI to disseminate to the general public, the official asked for one thing only:-

"Get people to install security updates and patches."