According to research conducted by the Identity Theft Resource Centre (ITRC), who have been collating figures on US security breaches since 2005, there has been a 397% increase in data exposure incidents.  So this begs the question, "Are we doing enough to secure our data?" 

This research is based only on US data breaches, and therefore the figures are likely to be exponentially greater if the rest of the World is taken into account.  The ITRC determined from their research that the business sector, including retail, hospitality, transportation, trade and other professional entities accounted for 35.6% of all compromised data and experienced the most security related incidents.  

The healthcare industry has seen a dramatic increase in security breaches with more than 131 million US healthcare records exposed through data breaches since 2007.  The healthcare industry is clearly being perceived as a soft target for identity thieves, with more and more of our personal medical data being held online.

These figures, although based on US data breaches, affect us all. The world of data storage and security breaches is global and as more organisations move toward cloud storage can any of us be really know where our data is held?  With massive such massive increases in data loss as reported by the ITRC, is it not time that serious action was taken to address this?  Can you imagine the public outcry if we were to see a 397% increase in other crimes, such as murder or robbery?  Are our law enforcement agencies fit for purpose with regards to combating data breaches and are the Worlds Governing powers doing enough?