Google have put effort into scouring their database for compromised websites and found, within a year, 760,935 websites that were compromised and deemed unsafe to use.

The figures are pulled from a pool of 760,935 breaches Google detected in the 12 months to June 2015.

It's reported that web admins were likely to remediate the issues when contacted by Google - but in the 30 days following remediation, 12% were compromised again.

This indicates the need for prevention over remediation.

Through the statistics taken from FGX-Web, we know that 85% of websites run out-of-date software. This issue is generally easy to fix, but instantly puts the website at a high risk level.

Google has urged admins to sign up to its Safe Browsing alerts. But as well as this, it's important to note that if the websites had implemented baked-in security along the lines of File Integrity Monitoring and Log Monitoring this could have been picked up and remediated much sooner.

Better still, a Web Application Firewall could have prevented it all together. 

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